Next Move Radio Podcasts

Episode 000 - The Pre-Show

Release Date: 3/15/20

Wow, a new podcast hosted by DJ Harris! This episode is more of a pre-show to the actual thing. Learn about the purpose of the podcast and get acquinted with the host.

Episode 001 - Let's Talk About Wedding Day Debt

Release Date: 3/22/20

Wedding Day Debt. Dun dun dun. Yup! If you are planning a wedding, debt is probably the last thing you want to think about, but in this episode, DJ Harris, argues that debt should be the first thing on your mind. Listen to the podcast to hear his argument.

Episode 002 - Pick the Date or the Venue?

Release Date: 3/29/20

Okay so you are engaged now. Awesome! What comes next? The wedding date or the wedding venue? Depending on when you start your wedding planning, there may be an answer that is more right than the other. Listen to this episode to get an idea about some things to consider.