Next Move Radio

Next Move Radio is just getting started with a new service provider, Live365. We are running a pilot test to determine if this Live365 is a stable platform for longterm growth. Our previous service provider was not suitable for us so we had to switch. Unfortunately, everytime we switch providers we have to start over from scratch. This means that we do not have all of our programs up and running. Stay tuned for announcements by following us on Facebook.


7/21/17 Update: We are planning our first series of live shows: Heartbreak Healing. More to come, but we hope to start as early as 7/26.

Fresh Off the Press

Where does one go to find good quality new music, without surfing the Internet for hours skipping through multiple songs that sound like they were recording on a tape recorder? Well, you could hang out in your local music scene, or you could just tune into Fresh Off the Press. We play all types of new songs, from popular artists, as well as up and coming artist, and unknown local artists.


New Additions include: Ariana Grande, Alessia Cara, KB, Astrid S, Sam Hunt, Hands On, 1975, 21-03, and many more.




Heartbreak Healing

This is the music that you listen to when you are emotionally scarred from a bad relationship. You know, the one's that end because something went wrong in a highly unexpected way and you're friends are starting to get tired of hearing you talk about it. Yeah, in these situations you have a couple of choices: 1. Find a bounce back; 2. Load up on ice cream and other really bad food; 3. Get back in the game because you're too good for tears; or 4. Tune into Heartbreak Healing because these artist seem to know every emotion that you are experiencing right now.


Live Show: Every Wednesday and Sunday at 7PM PST (10PM EST).


True R&B

This is a program for the lovers, the dreamers, and doers. Whether you are already married to that special someone in your life, or you are just practicing for the future, the music in this program will set a mood of romance that should only be reserved for two people who plan to share the rest of their lives together. We affectionately call this program True R&B because that is exactly what we play. There's nothing wrong with top 40 songs made popular by the millennial generation, but there's something special about that classic R&B sound.




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